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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I ask a question?
First, check to see if you question has been answered in the FAQ page. If not, you can contact DL directly via email:
How do I cancel?
You can email:
How long before we see results?
Many patients notice improvement by the end of the first week. After 8-12 weeks you can begin to ween off of the tape and see if you are comfortable to walk normally. You may have to continue with 1-2 pieces of tape on the affected area as needed. 
Can these solutions be done in addition to other therapies?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to share the program with your physician and therapist.
Are there any side effects?
Only if you have any allergic reactions to latex or tape. As long as you test to make sure that you have no adverse skin reaction from the tape you should be fine. 
What if I am allergic to tape?
There are hypoallergenic alternatives out there, I have an entire PDF dedicated to choosing your tape. 
Why don't Doctor's or other Therapists know about these methods?
Simply put it is not their training. Medical Doctors are trained in treating disease and dysfunction with, pills, injections, or surgery. Many Physical and Occupational Therapists use kinesiotape, however some of the taping techniques have been developed and used only by the program's creator.
I am not a professional, how can I do this?
You are more familiar with, and know more about you body than any professional. The video instruction is much like today's telemedicine. Research has shown that this type of treatment is as effective as traditional therapies.
How can I contact the office for technical/billing issues?
You can contact

This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease .  Every person's body is different and Individual Results will vary.  Consult your Doctor before starting any program. This product utilizes Kinesiotape which you will need to purchase on your own the price of the K-Tape is approximately $10 per roll.

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